Thursday, August 27, 2009

My First Blog Award, IdyllHours!

OMGosh, I am so honored,(being a blog award virgin)! I got this Beautiful Accolade, called the "Idyllhours Blog Award", from my cyber friend, Cindy aka Luciesfloozies. Please visit her blog, to see her wonderful creations!!
(Cindy-You are so sweet to think of me!)
(I have to tell you... I love this award, but I was disappointed in the image that went along with the honor. The person who first started this award did a wonderful job in choosing the sentiment and photo to represent this Badge. I thought it had gotten diluted with use. So I reconstructed the logo. I wish that I could have found the original, but I came upon too many broken links. Please forgive me if you are reading this and you were the creator. I did my best!)
Of course, there are a few things I have to do,
My obligation, as being an Idyllhours recipient, is to fulfill this pledge upon the following conditions: In accepting this award, I must name 5 things that I enjoy doing, and in no particular order, and I must pass this Honor on to 5 more people and they are, in no particular order! If I have left you a comment---that I have given you this award, please click on the Badge to enlarge it before you right click to save it to your computer and post it to your blog!

My 5 Favorite Activities:
1-I love watching TV & old Movies and eating popcorn!
2- I love getting dressed-up and going out with my husband, Joe! -I started this blog on our Wedding Anniversary, 9-5-2007
3- I can't live unless I am creating! And I am very good at all kinds of arts & crafts! Hope you agree!
4- I am really enjoying Facebook! -I love looking at every one's photos & finding old friends!
5- I adore my children; Mindy, Hanna & Kevin! they are almost grown & I am very proud of them!
Oh- I want to include my new Kitten, Ma Cherie!
My Favorite 5 Blogs:
1-Barb at Purse Project,
2-Sue a Creativly-Green Friend at
3- Jackie my Creativly-Green DT friend,
There are so many others I would choose also, but for now this is my five.
Thank you again Cindy...this means a lot to me....
Please visit all my Blog Friends and leave some "Comment Love"!


craftymug said...

Thank you. It is an honor to be considered. Although I do not post awards anymore, I surely do thank you. And thank you for taking time to visit and comment on my blog. It means a lot.

RecycleCindy said...

Congrats on your award and I am so honored that you chose me as one of your recipients of your Idyllhours Blog Awards. Thank you.

Cindy said...

Cyndy, I love the new badge!! It's nice to be able to read the words!
The flower is beautiful!!!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Cyndy, I just happened upon your blog... I AM Idyllhours... I created that little award for a dear blogger who encouraged me to continue blogging... I had no idea she was going to pass it along, as I gave no conditions for it to be passed along... that is my banner on my tulips that I took a picture of this spring, and the words on it are my own, welcoming people to my blog, not an award sentiment. I am flattered however that people have chosen to pass it along, however it no longer represents my original meaning or was simply my way of saying thank you... SO, have fun with it, I guess...just wanted you to know how it began, and I am the one who created it... I felt kind of bad that it had been changed, as it is my own design... but always happy to meet new bloggers... Julie Marie

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