Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Creatively Green Scrapbook Store

Here is what my page on the Creatively Green Scrapbook Store looks like! Join me and become a member! When the form asks where you heard about the site, please use my name: Cyndi Pfeiffer ! Be sure to check out the gallery before going to the store! There are so many great projects!
~~~~WELL, This is what it used to look like! I have since resigned from the Design Team and I have been banned from the Forum. The owner wasn't telling the truth about when she shipped the order and other design team materials. I felt it best that my name wasn't connected with a site that lacked integrity.


Vicki said...

Cyndi, because you are such an inspiration, you have earned the Kreativ Blogger Award! The details are on my blog! Congratulations!!

Cindy said...

Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog!!
I just had to change my address today,for recent changes in my life, so PLEASE make the change. It is now

I have just added "two" after the original address.
Thank you so much!

Cindy said...

Cyndi, Please check out my blog to see the award that I have given to you!!!

CyndiLou said...

Thank You So Much!

Ali said...

I LOVE creatively Green! Ty for the sweet note on my Blog today. ((HUGZ)) love your ideas/projects! :O) And your cute green-haired Avatar ROCKS! LOL! ~ A

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