Monday, August 10, 2009

Decoupage Letter Box Instructions

I will have a very busy day tomorrow! Here in Atlanta, GA it is the first day of school! My son has been out since May 20th or around there!!! We will be up at 0'dark-30 -making sure he is up and on his way to the neighbors to hitch a ride with a classmate! (He wouldn't dare ride the bus! OH, the Horror!)He will be a High School Junior! I would have thought that I was walking him to the bus stop for his 1st day of Kindergarten! Time has flown by especially since he is my 3rd and last one to be in High School! (Treasure your young one's days, ladies!) Then, it will be time to tackle a college admissions problem, but the institution of higher learning is only down the block! Thank Goodness!

Well, enough of that! To my good news allows you to submit your own creative project ideas to be featured on the site. You can either submit via a free program or through a professional paid program. My decoupage letter box that I made for my daughter, Hanna -is up for approval on the Professional Paid Program! I am Psyched! So---tomorrow I will have to photograph the box on a white background and then go get another box at Michael's to remake the project creating step by step photos as I go! Keep your fingers crossed that I will be approved after I submit all the material!You should give it a try too! Craftbits pays up to $45.00 per project!


Marcie said...

Good luck Cyndi! It's a beautiful box!

Johnna said...

Hi Cyndi! Love the Box, good Luck
Xo's Johnna

craftymug said...

Beautiful box! Good luck on being chosen!

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