Monday, July 28, 2014

Vintage Photo Slide Lampshade & Instructions

Photo Slide Lamp-with light off

 This is a project that I have always wanted to make and it is so easy to do yourself. Here is my list of supplies and photos of my process!

I used a travel theme!

What you need:
-Wire Lampshade Frame, ... this one is a custom UNO Fitter,
           Ring Diameter=9 inch, Fitter Drop 6 inch
       *If I were to make another, I would order the Fitter Drop to be 8 or 9 inch instead of 6 inch. That would make the bulb sit more in the middle of the shade.

-80 to 100 (Square Outer Edge) Photo Slides,
This shade is made with slides held in Landscape direction.
There is 14 slides in a row and 6 rows

-10mm Jump Rings, same metal color as the fitter frame.
This shade used 504 jump rings.

-Hole Punch, 1/16 inch

-Pliers, to open & close jump rings

-Clothes pins, to hold slide rows

-Modern Candle Stick Lamp, 20 inch tall. This one came from Walmart, $25.00

It was great finding vintage family slides in carousel trays!

The light bulb holds the UNO Fitter frame in place.

An old slide viewer made it easier to construct each row.

Use an undesirable slide and create an even template. Mark each slide and punch holes.  2 holes per corner creates a smooth shade and makes a nice design when lit.

Create long rows then attach rows together. Clothes pins help to hold rows in place while threading the jump rings.

When all the rows are finished, Fold so short edges are together, then attach jump rings to form a barrel shape

Put the barrel of slides over the Fitter Frame to form the Shade. Have a helper hold the top edge to the frame and attach jump rings by  frame legs 1st. Continue filling in all the holes in between to secure.

Use a low watt bulb

Great for a Dorm Room! My son Loves it!!!

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