Monday, April 14, 2014

Lilla Rogers Studio School To Build My Portfolio

Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells e-course is the best thing I have done for myself and my creative process!

Since 2007, I found out about  Art Licensing and started submitting  to art agents, asking for a critique or feedback so I could see if my work would fit in this industry. I mostly never heard from them or got the standard response of... thanks but you work is not what we are looking for at this time. I paid for someone to review my portfolio, I sent them a check and copies of my art and they sent me a list of agents to email... and I never heard from this "Expert" again either.
Well... what are agents looking for and how do I make my work fit?!?  I flew to NYC, attended Surtex and paid extra for the seminars, only to be told... I should just go home and know the my family loves me so much that they couldn't bare to tell me the truth... that I don't have any talent and I shouldn't be at the conference. I never believed that, but knew my work wasn't in the right form. So I kept looking for the avenue for me.
I started following Lilla's agency through her newsletter and decided to sign up for her second round of classes when registration opened this year in January. I am so happy that I found her and all my new artist friends!
The class is now in its 3rd week and we (some 200+ students from all over the world) have tackled Bolt Fabric with Kitchen designs and Home Decor with dinnerware using a summer succulent theme! This week is Children's Picture Books with a Fox character. You will have to stay turned because I am so excited about this adventure... finally getting my money's worth and my questions answered!
I know this is where I belong and I will be able to sell my work! The supportive community is wonderful and even though I haven't spoken to Lilla personally, I can see what to do and where to fit my art by the information and advice she give during the class! I'm on my way and will soon have the career I always wanted!!!

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