Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sock Doll Obsession

My latest obsession, Sock Dolls . . . started when I was looking for a soft doll
 for my daughter. She was pregnant and expecting a sweet girl! I wanted to get her 
1st doll for the nursery. I looked into Waldorf dolls and other stuffies.
 The dolls in the store had faces that I didn't like, ...   with the words "my 1st Doll" 
printed on their clothes. I like the simple German soft dolls on the 
internet the best, but they were pricey. Once I discovered sock dolls on Etsy, 
I knew I would have to make it myself! Here is one of my creations using a 
lone ranger from my son's childhood soccer days! 
Instead of stitching the face ... I painted it! 
Hope you like! 

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