Monday, January 10, 2011

B-A-C-O-N! Bacon, BACON!!!

My Bacon Journey start just before Halloween 2010. It is my son's senior year of High School and he needed a costume. I found an old magazine that had unique homemade outfits from the previous year . . . Bacon & Eggs from a foodie mag!
We started making a bacon Toga from a white tablecloth using just red and white paint. Then I over-decorated a Steak N Shake hat with bacon labels printed off the Internet! Then, his girlfriend got involved and we needed a costume for her too! Instead of making another hat I thought about what I could create bacon charms out of! I had a bunch of foam meat trays in my recycling bin so I cut them into stripes, punched a hole at one end and shrunk them in the oven! WOW! it was shaped just like cooked bacon! I painted them all white and used red and black to create the realistic effect!
So . . .  Halloween was a big hit and I sold some charms on Etsy too!

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