Monday, November 16, 2009

Fake Girl Scout Cookie!

If you scroll down you'll see the Girl Scout Purse I created after shopping at the thrift store. Ever since I started carrying the bag, friends and strangers have tried to grab the fake cookie dangler hanging from the handle. As an artist...I know that anything that gets this much attention---Must be reproduced! So, here is a step by step photo tutorial on how it was done.
If you like papier-mache, try Celluclay for the cookie base. A cardboard circle can be an alternitive. I used orzo pasta for the coconut, but rice could be applied too! My favorite spray paint is the cheap stuff from Wal-mart, it's around $1.00 a can, but be sure to get the trigger unit to attach to the top! It makes the spraying go so easy! My favorite decoupage glue is Royal Coat or Modge Podge, plus it serves as the top coat!
Click on the pic to see the enlarged photo view!
Enjoy your Faux Samo Ornament and let me know how you like it!

1 comment:

Sue Stampin Daly said...

Cyndi, these are awesome. I can see dying the past to make wreaths.

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