Friday, July 3, 2009

Mixed Media Decoupage Box

I just finished a box for Hanna to be used as Graduation Letter storage. It is made from a plain white pencil box with a latch. I painted and glued on ball feet made from my spa bath liquid lids. For the exterior decoupage I used paper napkins, my own digital clip art, pressed flowers, craft paint and spackling. I painted and glued the box inside with black flocking. The outside also has cooper metal shavings to accent the spackling to make it look worn. I dabbed the same paint color on the lock and key & added a coordinating tassel. It turned out beautiful!


Rebekah Smith said...

oh my gosh!:-)...this is beautiful!:-)

what a clever idea and a great result!:-)

i'm sure it will be treasured throughout the years!:-)


~♥Sonya said...

This is truly lovely! Your blog is wonderful as well!

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