Monday, March 16, 2009


By the late 1970's, personalizing gift shops started to appear from Texas to To Georgia. The trends began in craft stores and developed into a specialty store by the 1979. The attraction of the retail boutique was the artist in residence. Blank acrylic, plastic, and ceramic items line the shelves waiting to be decorated by the handpainters who were sitting in the center of the shop. This is how I started my art career. In 1978, while I was in college, I learned to use Wet Paint from Illinois Bronze, to hand paint dot lettering on almost any surface. I worked at NameDroppers and I was really good at it!

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anrtist said...

hi cyndilou...i have been worried about you since you up and left swapbot...while you were hosting the winebottle swap and in my atc & a many of us were worried something had you died!!! Look and see who has been worried...i even mailed a letter and never got a reply so i went in your profile checking today and found this link...glad 2 see u r alive!!! LOL cc

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