Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looking for Another Job

I finished this project in September and by October 23rd I was walking out on my Publix Produce Manager. This happened a week after I returned from my Grandmother's funeral and I was still feeling the loss. From the beginning, she didn't want me in the Floral Department and couldn't find anything nice to say about any of my work. I had been warned about working for her, but I was sure that I could win her over with my talent and customer interaction!
I am "Special", you know!!!
She is just one of those people that shouldn't be dealing with the public, let alone managing other Publix associates! I just snapped under the pressure because I couldn't take another of her complaints, rude sales floor behavior, condescending attitude and the inability to hear me. She got me with her finger pointing (literally!), her threats, her over buying, and contradictions of tasks. I don't regret a thing, except it was a lousy time to quit a job and a paycheck! It is a shame that she had to ruin it because I loved that store, I had worked for Publix 11 years and I worked very hard to please her with hardly any breaks. The reality was. . . I really wasn't using my full potential artistically -and that-. . . I believe, is a sin.
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Suzan Buckner said...

Hugsss..something will come along. I have walked from literally 100 jobs in my life, only to find someone nicer, and something better!!

I don't deal well with luck...2009 will be a better year!!

RecycleCindy said...

Wishing you good luck and a better job where you are appreciated and where you enjoy working there. Take care and best wishes,

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