Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wine Bottle, Wine Label Swap

I just finished writing up the swap I will be hosting on Swap-Bot. Here are the details if you are interested:
USA SWAP (Because is my 1st time hosting!)
Sign up before September 28th and mail your completed project by November 8th, 2008!
~You will make TWO ATC’s PER PARTNER. ~You will have TWO PARTNERS.
~So you will make a total of "4 ATC'S".
~One of a wine bottle still life, one of a wine bottle label
~One Vertical, One Horizontal
~Each ATC must be a different orientation.
Example: the vertical ATC could be a still life featuring a wine bottle and glass. The Horizontal ATC could be the wine label. The label one should include profile details of your partner.
Can be goofy or serious. The choice is up to you!
~Designing your label on Photoshop is fine, but please make some sort of painted or collage detail.
~Please do not send just an ATC with stickers!!!This swap is for the advanced ATCer who wants a challenge. Use your imagination and send something you would enjoy to get in the mail from another swapper!
~I will put more samples on my Flickr.
~I hope you like this swap! I am trying to redeem myself from a bad summer and a very late send on my part.
*Newbies welcome, with a Completed Profile.
~Please upload finished pieces and received swaps to the Swap Gallery!
*Any questions, complaints, or concerns about this swap or a swapper, please PM me.
If I have forgotten anything, please let me know.
~And last but not least.... Have fun,have a glass of wine and toast to this swap!

So, stop by Swap-bot and sign up!

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