Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hoping for Peace of Mind

I am in a really stressed out phase right now. Thanks goodness I should be starting a new job next week in hopes of simplifying my life. Whenever I get this way, I try to take bathes, take care of myself and reflect on more peaceful times. This piece is from one of those times.
My husband, had the sweetest mom, Betty. She was my best friend, when we were first married and the kids were little.
I painted this for her when I found the poem and I used it as a gift, I don't remember the occasion, probably, Mother's Day.
She left us in 1997, and Joe's dad gave it back to me, so it has been on my kitchen counter ever since. I recently, took it apart and scanned it in to my computer. I am very pleased . . . it brightened up so nicely!
It reads---"How Blessed I am. How fortunate I've been, That you are his Mother and also my Friend."
I will to add the poem back on, It's not the same without it!
FYI!- Joe's mom's name was Betty Louise and his dad sometimes called her Betty Lou. That is how I got my pen name. Just thought you might like to know.
Love You Mom!

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