Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, my store manager and meat department manager made this 16foot grill for the store lobby. My part was to make the hamburgers, hot dogs and utensils to go on that grill!
The handles for the barbecue fork, spatula, tongs and skewer are made from the tubes that the Pepsi guy brings for his signs (32 inches long). They are similar to paper towel tubes, but thicker and coated with a slick, white finish that was easy to paint. I formed the metal ends out of baling wire. I mixed up some traditional paper mache' paste of flour and water to dip the newspaper in and wrap around the wire shapes. The hamburger patties are the scrub pads from the store's floor cleaning machine(2 stacked together then sprayed brown).The hot dogs are pool noodles (I trimmed the ends, the painted red, not forgetting the black grill marks). The kabob items, hamburger and hot dog buns are also made of paper mache'. I used cheap spray paint to finish!
Hope you had a great holiday and wished our war heroes all the best!
Madame Paper Mache' Cyndi

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