Saturday, February 16, 2008

My First Coordinated Swap

I have spent a long time reading all the other swaps on Swap-bot and I wanted to do something completely different and up my alley, but something everyone would also enjoy. I have 3 kids and they all play tennis. Spring is tennis season here in Georgia so lets Decorate Team Lockers! Parents or Booster clubs decorate lockers to make other students or non-team members aware of the next event and to cheer them on! They are usually placed on the locker the day before the happening. Right now, I am helping make these Good Luck Spirit Charms for our school tennis team,
so I thought you might like to join me!
I have been hunting around the web since last year at this time and realized that there isn’t any inspiration on this subject, so I decided to create a blog to help my team with ideas. So you can get the idea too, check out my site:
Here are the requirements:
· This is a USA Swap, please! Goooooo Red,White & Blue!
· Swap with 3 partners. Lets hear it for 3, Go Big 3!
· Decorations should be no bigger than 8 ½ X 5 ½,
going the tall way(vertical)
· Should be flat, (3D stuff come off easily while
students pass in the hall)
Don’t want to lose the Good Luck! RAH, RAH sis boom bah!
· Can be your School Colors or your favorite colors!
· Use any mascot, -can be your school’s or opponent’s! ROAR!
· Can be any sport, club, academia or activity you want to cheer on!
· Use any paper, paint, glue, glitter, markers, pens, etc. . . scrapbook friends should enjoy using odds and ends!
Scraps!, Scraps!, Scraps!
· Can use clipart, or your personal illustrations!
· Must upload the designs you receive to keep the Spirit going!
· Please obey deadlines! Go TEAM!, YAH!
Sign-up here:
Thanks,- SwapManager CyndiLou

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