Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dirty Santa

We went to a Holiday Party last night and took a gift to play the Dirty Santa Game. I decorated a small blue satin clutch that I got at Nordstroms for $3.00 on the clearence rack! Didn't it turn out GREAT!?! It caused a "It's Mine now Frendzy"! For those unfamiliar with the game...Each person who brings a gift pulls a number (20 presents...then there are 20 paper slips, one number on each & tossed into a hat. Each giver gets a number!) Number 1 picks first, and opens the package! Then #2 picks from the gift pile or takes the #1 gift that is already open! You can see how the game progresses! Lots of fun!
Hope your party this season are as fun as mine!
Click Title for game rules!
CyndiLou Ho Ho Ho!

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