Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's make something!

Bra Purse -Girls Night Out Evening Bag

*Hot Glue
*Large Cup Bra with Underwire and Padding
*Any trim, lace, beads, etc
*Large snap or magnetic purse closure.
*Needle and thread to match bra.
*clothes pins

Lets get started:
*1.Cut bra so the cups are separate from sides.
*2. Remove triangle of fabric holding cups next to each other.
*3. Cut straps off of back, leaving attached to cup front.
*4. On inside of one cup, hot glue dangle trim or fringe along underwire edge.
*5. Glue cups together along under-wire. Back to Back. Hold close with clothes
pins until cool.
*6. Glue lace or other embellishments over underwire on outside edge to enhance
dangle trim.
*7. Sew strap edges together to form a single loop handle.
*8. Sew or clamp large snap or magnetic clasp on inside of bra where the strap
meets the cup.
*9. If stitching or clamp shows on the front, decorate to hide.
*10. Finish evening bag with other flowers, fringe, beads etc.
*11. Will hold a cell phone, wallet and keys!

· The first photo is of the style bra purse the instructions were for.
The other evening bags were created later using different closures.

1 comment:

Gabrielle said...

These look so wonderful! Way cuter than other bra-purses I've seen on the net. I'm definitely going to try making these :)

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